Hold the World's Fate in Your Hands in Imagine Earth

By Jens Isensee, Serious Bros

Imagine Earth starts at first as a relaxed city builder and resource management game but it can turn into an environmental survival thriller based on the players development decisions. The game puts you in the position of a global economic actor. Compete economically against rival corporations or form strategic alliances to address diplomatic and environmental issues in the world congress. The final challenge is to preserve the quality of life for your inhabitants and establish a balance between growth and sustainability.
1The idea behind behind this climate crisis survival thriller

With the Imagine Earth project we at Serious Bros. wanted to make the most pressing problem of our time, the climate crisis, playable and challenging as a motivating strategy and simulation game. For this purpose, complex climate and economic simulations were integrated into the game.

The challenge of global climate change, which usually seems too abstract and unimaginable to individuals, is presented in a tangible way to the players. We wanted to give them the responsibility for the fate of a global society and ecosystem, but also the freedom to choose from all the research options and possibilities for development. The game offers the greatest possible freedom to find an individual path of transformation towards a sustainable civilization. In the World Congress, a democratically organized instance in which the various parties in the game come together to confront advancing climate change by determining taxes, measures, and subsidies.
3 First BaseNarrative Challenges in Production
Narratively and dramaturgically, we were always faced with the challenge of finding the perfect balance between entertainment and seriousness so that Imagine Earth could shine as a game while still raising plausible questions without becoming moralizing or cautionary. Rather, we wanted to make it inviting and motivating, to spark curiosity to explore the complex ecological and economic interdependencies.
The science fiction scenario we spun around the basic idea over time also serves to enable this open-ended thought experiment and eliminate ideological reservations and sensitivities that a terrestrial scenario would have entailed. Please join our Discord, follow our Twitter and let us know how your experience was.
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