Watch Skábma – Snowfall’s latest release date announcement trailer

We are happy to announce that Skábma-Snowfall is coming out on the Epic Games Store on April 22. Watch our brand new release date announcement trailer here :
The rhythm of nature is in danger! Find four familiar spirits with varying powers affecting your movement and ability to fight against the Disorder spreading through the world in Skábma – Snowfall, a 3rd person action-adventure game revolving around exploration and environmental puzzles. 

Live a unique story tied to the northernmost indigenous people of Europe, Sámi and immerse yourself in this narrative adventure with cutscenes fully voiced in Northern Sámi also known as Dávvisámi! Discover mysterious landscapes across the physical and spiritual worlds with spellbinding music including traditional Sámi yoik-singing from award-winning Hildá Länsman. 
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While trying to make this game as joyful and fun to play it was also important for us to put the emphasis on culture. Skábma-Snowfall is a game taking its inspirations from the northernmost indigenous people of Europe, the Sámi. It has heavy roots in the old campfire stories, cosmology, and beliefs of Sámi. The story (and also the game world) is based on the Sámi worldview, it creates a universe where all the characters and cultural heroes from different parts of Sámi can co-exist. The story’s theme also has Sámi history in it: the loss of old ways of knowing and gaining it back. Also, other parts of Sámi culture are weaved into the story: the land-owning rights, outsiders destroying and polluting the land etc. The story comes from the writer's own experiences as a Sámi who has lost her language. Skábma - Snowfall game is dedicated to the Sámi people and created to honour their culture. The characters from traditional Sámi stories and old beliefs presented in the game are intellectual property of Sámi. They are owned collectively by Sámi and do not belong to any individual or company. Learn more here.
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Help Áilu to save Sámiland from this disorder and add Skábma – Snowfall to your wishlist.