Tribeca Winner NORCO Now Available on the Epic Games Store

By Yuts, NORCO creator – Geography of Robots
We're happy to bring NORCO to the Epic Games Store for PC and Mac. NORCO is a Southern Gothic point & click narrative adventure that lets you explore the sinking suburbs and verdant industrial swamps of a distorted South Louisiana. Your brother Blake has gone missing in the aftermath of your mother's death. In the hopes of finding him, you must follow a fugitive security android through the refineries, strip malls, and drainage ditches of suburban New Orleans.
NORCO Key Art ImagineNORCO has its roots in an informal oral history project I started with a close friend in the years after Hurricane Katrina. We went around South Louisiana interviewing people, taking landscape photographs and assembling what we gathered into various kinds of media. I painted acrylic and watercolour landscapes in a small sketchbook that were inspired by that work, and that sketchbook became the foundation for the art featured in NORCO.
Art Collage Imagine
We're releasing a PDF digital companion piece alongside the full game that explores its various dimensions. "The Art of NORCO" will feature over 90 pages of art and insight. It'll cover a bit of history about my hometown of Norco, Louisiana, as well as interviews, early photos, sketches, and paintings that informed the art of the game. We've also teamed up with our dear friends, the much beloved New Orleans metal band Thou to release the "NORCO Original Soundtrack", a collaborative album/split release that contains the complete in-game score by Gewgawly I (Geography of Robots composer) as well as an album's worth of new songs by Thou. You can get both the book and the soundtrack alongside the full game at a discount if you grab the NORCO Special Edition.
We've grown obsessed with this project – refining ideas, revisiting old systems and environments, fleshing everything out and making it feel as balanced and alive as we can. I'm proud of what we've been able to accomplish in this final stretch. I couldn't ask for better friends and collaborators than the ones who've assembled around the project, both on the dev and the publisher side. Thank you to everyone involved and to those who have followed along and helped us feel supported as we work towards release. 
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