The Epic Games Store “My Achievements” Update


As the Epic Games Store continues to evolve, we wanted to update everyone on some of our current plans for the launcher and store. We’re always working to improve the user experience, and have a number of updates and additions that we’re excited to bring to you. 

My Achievements - Live Now

Building on the ‘My Achievements’ release in November, we have now released its next iteration. Everyone with an Epic Games account now has access to the new My Achievements area, that lets you display a few key highlights from your stats. 

Think of it as your trophy case and friends hub in one. A place where your Epic Achievements and game progress can be displayed for the world to see. Let them know you Virtuosoed in Rocket League, or that you’ve seen and done everything in Alan Wake Remastered. Click the Friends tab and visit a friend’s page to see their achievements and progress, too. Here’s how.   Egs Profile Homescreen Blog Image ENAll users will have an icon generated from the first letter of your username. Anyone visiting your page will be able to see how many achievements you’ve unlocked, the games you have Platinumed, and your XP, right at the top of your page. 

Digging a little deeper, the Achievements tab will allow you to display progress on a game-by-game basis, listing the number of achievements you’ve unlocked, your latest one, and if you’ve made it to the Platinum stage (unlocked all achievements). Clicking on any game will take you into the player’s achievements for that game

The Friends tab is populated by a list of all your Epic Games friends in alphabetical order. If you have a number of them, the list will spread across a number of pages. To see a friend’s page, you just click on their names. 

You have control over your account’s privacy settings. Overall settings can be applied to your account, limiting your viewers to one of four categories: Public, Friends of Friends, Friends Only, and Only Me. 
Egs Profile Privacy Blog Image ENPublic pages will show every element of your page. They’ll see your Achievements, progress, and friends list. If you’ve set your account to limit access to those specified sections above, anyone outside those groups will only be able to see your Display Name and avatar. Egs Public Profile Blog Image ENFor players without parental controls, the default access is Friends of Friends. For players with parental controls enabled, the default setting is Only Me. In future releases, players will be able to customize the look of their page, and will unlock additional customization options by engaging with Epic achievements.

Ratings and Polls - Coming Soon

Ratings and polls will occasionally pop up in the launcher after you’ve played a game. Players will be presented with a multiple choice poll to answer, or a “Yes or No” question regarding the game they’ve just played. Current examples include “How challenging is this game?”, from which the player will have a choice of four options. Answering those questions will provide other players with information about the game on its store page. As more people answer the polls, an overall community rating and suggestions will accumulate to help inform players of the game’s content. 

The answers will help populate our Category pages, and will also generate more customized categories that will appear on the Epic Games Store home page. 

Notification Center - Coming Soon

We have a number of notifications in the Epic Games Launcher. Friend invites, Wishlist notifications, and other pop-ups appear in separate places within the launcher. We’re going to start gathering these together in a single Notification Center, starting with the social updates and wishlist notifications. Eventually, all of our notifications will sit in the top right corner of the store.