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FAQ - RPG Games

What is an RPG game?

An RPG game is a role-playing video game or simply a role-playing game. These video games are meant to replicate the experience of playing a tabletop role-playing game. An RPG video game has players taking on the role of a character, controlling their actions in an immersive world. RPGs usually rely heavily on narrative and story-telling and allow players to develop the characteristics of the character they control over time as they take on various quests strewn throughout the setting, each pushing the story forward.
There are also several sub-genres of video games, including rogue-likes, tactical RPGs, and action RPGs.

What does RPG stand for?

RPG stands for role-playing game.

Does Epic Games Store have co-op RPG games?

Yes, the Epic Games Store does have role-playing games you can play cooperatively. You can find them by clicking on Browse in the game store and then selecting the RPG genre and the co-op tag.

Are there RPG games with customizable character creation?

Yes, there are RPG games with customizable character creation. In fact, most RPGs offer some form of character customization. It can be as simple as choosing what class you will play as to allowing you to change the look, background, backstory, and characteristics of your character.

What is an RPG game class system?

An RPG game class system breaks up characters and their backgrounds into different sorts of professions within the fiction of the game. For example, traditional role-playing games might have classes like fighter, thief, and mage.

Are there PC RPG games for beginners?

Yes, there are PC RPGs designed for beginners. Many RPGs are designed to gradually introduce a player into the relatively complex elements of this genre of video game.

Does the Epic Games Store offer free PC RPG games?

Yes, the Epic Games Store offers plenty of free PC RPG games. You can find them by browsing to the RPG genre of video games in the store and then clicking on the “free” tag.

What is an MMORPG?

An MMORPG is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. These are online role-playing games that can support hundreds or even thousands of players on the same server. They allow players to adventure together, or even against one another in an online world.